Monday, May 9, 2011

Magnetic Board

I finally painted my magnetic board. I have had it for a couple years now and could never decide what color to paint it. After much debating I painted it a magenta pink! And I LOVE it! This was also my first ever glazing project. 
I picked up some wood accessories from Home Depot and used wood glue to glue them to my board. Before I painted it I used a hammer and a screw driver to beat the frame up a little bit. This step is if you are going to glaze your project then you want some dings in it to distress. Then I primed the entire board with some white paint that I had hangin around. I applied 2 coats.
After letting it dry really well I applied 2 coats of my pink paint. I chose a color from Home Depot's paint samples and had them mix me a small container of sample paint. It was plenty of paint to do the job and only cost $2.99. Sorry I have no picture of this step. Next I picked up a can of faux finish glaze, yes back to home depot yet again. The paint counter let me know that in order to tint your glaze its 3 parts glaze and
1 part color. When I got home I mixed a small amount with black and began to brush it all over my frame, making sure to get it in all of the cracks. I found with glaze that there is a perfect time to wipe it back off, usually a couple of minutes is long enough. Use a damp washcloth and wipe all of the glaze back off. This step leaves black in all the cracks and dings. Make sure not to get too far ahead of yourself with the glaze because when it does dry it is really hard to get it back off. If you are not satisfied with how it looks apply another coat. I ended up doing 2 coats on mine and the last coat almost kicked my butt, almost, I was scrubbing it off pretty hard. I am glad I started out with a small project for my first time just to get the hang of it.

Then I stuck all of my crap back on the board and I was done!


  1. I love this! I'd like to invite you to post it on Masterpiece Monday at Boogieboard Cottage. The link will be up all week, I hope you can join in. Have a nice week, Mary :O)

  2. Thanks Mary for sharing your blog, super cute!

  3. Just Jamie, I was so nervous about the color but in the end said "what the heck it's just going in my scrapbook room." So thanks for reassuring me!

  4. Love, love, love it. I would love to know where you got those little magnetic baskets!

  5. Hi Susan, sorry for the delay in your reply. My computer went down and I've been going nuts until it got fixed. I picked up the magnetic baskets at a Making Memory sale in Layton Utah a couple of years ago. I check making Memories website but it does not appear that they have them anymore. I did find them for sell on eBay. Good luck!

  6. Hi, friend! I'm admiring all your creative posts here so can you please share them with us at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop? Hope to see you there at the party :)

  7. That looks amazing and thank you for the glazing tips I am wanting to glaze our dressers because they are going to be white and they have a lot of detail so I will have to try it out on a small project first. Thanks again

    A mommy's life...with a touch of YELLOW

  8. Hey girl...thanks for linking up this week. I've had a blast co-hosting. I have one of these boards just sitting in my craft room...I couldn't quite figure out what to do with it...until now!

  9. wow this turned out awesome! I LOVE the color:)

    i would love if you came checked out my blog!!


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