Monday, May 16, 2011

Light Box

I saw this light box at ??? who the heck knows, I just spent the last hour trying to figure that out with no luck. I liked it so much I decided to make one of my own. Just a helpful hint before you get started, make sure you have somewhere to store a very large and very fragile box, if you breath on the thing it breaks. Just a fore warning. Moving on, mine works like a charm. It's not very hard to put together and is cheap to make. If you are like me who has a bright "wash out every picture" flash on your camera this will really help.

It looks like a worthless cardboard box, however this thing is pretty handy.

Take a large cardboard box and cut wholes in both sides of the box. Then cut off the entire top of the box. Next line the sides and the top with tissue paper. Be super careful not to rip the tissue because you do not want any cracks or rips that the sun light can shine through. Last line the bottom of the box with a white poster board, I did not even tape mine in I just set it inside. Now you are set to take awesome pictures.

I put my light box in direct sun light and here are the shots that I got. You can also use a lamp if you are going to be taking indoor pictures.

I made these headbands for my daughter's Easter dresses. I will have to make a tutorial on them soon because they turned out super cute.

I hope this is helpful to all you picture takers. Good luck.


  1. Great idea. Thanks for the warning too!

  2. What an awesome idea!!! I kind of do the same thing but this is so much better! Thanks for sharing!! I'm your newest follower! -Juli

  3. Thanks Juli for the comment. I checked your site out. I love the hen and her chicks, cute idea. I became your follower, thanks for following me!


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