Friday, August 2, 2013

{Back to School} Lunches

Its almost that time of year again.... Back to School!! 
Here are a few fun school lunch ideas to help inspire you to be THAT cool Mom!
My daughter usually has a hard time around lunch so hopefully these fun ideas will cheer her up 
and help her make it thru the rest of the school day.

Visit fun Food For Kids to see how to make this cute turkey!

One more from Food for Kids

 Squawk Fox

 I found this cute little owl at Little Page Turners

Unfortunately I could not find the source for this cute little guy

I know you all have seen this cute owl around! Thanks Jill @ Meet The Dubiens

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{Back to School} Giveaways!!
You can find them here

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  1. I've always loved making fun lunches, but these are way above & beyond! Fantastic!

  2. Oh my goodness! These are fantastic!

  3. Just when I had thought I'd seen the cutest lunch ideas ever... you found even cuter ideas!!

  4. These are cute ideas!

  5. Glad you like my cute bananas on Grubby Little Faces. Thanks so much for linking and liking them. I have lulled into lunch box slump so I liked seeing your cute collection of lunch ideas. Thanks xx

  6. What an incredible idea! These foods look wonderful!

    Best Regards


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