Monday, May 21, 2012

Giant Origami Flower

Want to see what happens when you have a little time, okay a lot of time on your hands and a bunch of extra scrapbook paper??

This thing turned out to be even bigger than a basket ball! I have it hanging in my craft room so that I can admire my work every time I am crafting. I am so full of it! Okay it's the truth I do find myself staring at it sometimes. Each petal of the flower is 1 piece of 12x12 paper so ya it took a lot of paper. If you are like me and hoard scrap booking supplies this just might be the craft for you. Just make sure you have lots of glue sticks on hand.

I made a smaller one too.
For this one I cut 12x12 sheets of paper into four 6x6 squares.

For the life of me I cannot find the instructions for this in my craft room, I guess
I am not as organized as I thought. I picked up the instructions a few years ago
from a local scrap booking store in Salt Lake City.
After doing a little searching on the web I found a video on Shine from Yahoo
that shows how to make each individual flower you can view it here.
In the video they used tape to hold the flower petals together.
 On mine I used hot glue because I did not want to have the whole thing fall apart
 before I was done making it. In the video they make one flower so
 if you are going to make a ball you will need to make 12 flowers and then
glue them together creating a flower ball. Don't forget to glue
a ribbon in the center if you want to be able to hang your giant flower.



  1. WOW, these look amazing! I KNOW first hand how much folding / work went into making these beauties! Worth every minute of it. Great choices on the color and papers.

  2. Pretty! I have a ton of extra scrap book paper, but not sure I have the patience this requires! :)

  3. Very pretty! How many sheets of paper?? I have made some kusudama flowers but never enough to make a big flower ball! It looks great!

  4. These are gorgeous! Would be pretty hanging out in the patio, a childs room, anywhere. I think I will make one for my sewing room to admire also. :)

  5. Hello again, I have nominated your blog for The Versatile Blogger Award - please go to my site to check out the rules / guidelines.


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