Saturday, April 21, 2012

Elastic Hair Band Holder

The other day I came up with this brilliant idea.... 
With 4 girls in the house I have hair band issues, hair bands EVERYWHERE.
So I grabbed a couple binder rings and threaded all our hair bands on to them, 
snap them closed and voila, problem solved.
 It is so much better than a continer where you grab for 1 band and 
end up grabbing a few or spilling them all over.

This was my solution :) and I love it!
 I should almost rename my blog being organized to keep my sanity
because that is all I do any more. Oh well being organized makes me happy too!


  1. what a clever idea. Where would you get binder rings? From an old binder? Anyway, I am not sure how I found your blog, but you were in my here I am. I will definitely stick around and look at your projects.

    Oh...and the owl in your header...aaadorable!

  2. I have been using binder clips for this for quite a while, you can get them at any office supply store, also crafts stores near the floss organizers. You can also use hiking clips. the binder clips are also great to organize your shopping discount rewards cards. They come in a great variety of sizes!

  3. My daughter and I did this today. Amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love how little tips like this make my life so much easier! I pinned it on Pinterest too. Thanks again!

  4. There are some brands that sale a ring with their package of "ouch less" hair ties. I have found these at Walmart in both the hair aisle and in the checkout.


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