Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Crafts

Wouldn't these little pillow boxes make an awesome advent calendar?? Of course! Time consuming though. I found them on Creative Journey of a Everyday Crafter.

I thought this was pretty stinkin cute too. I found this cute little box at  
 This would be fun to make with my girls. Check out
for directions.

If I had not already made my Christmas gifts for the year this would so totally be what I would make for everyone, maybe next year. You can find the directions at Gluesticks.

If my darn printer would work once in a while I would have already printed these out for my kids. I guess I am headed to Office Max to make some color copies. 
You can find this lovely print out right here at Being Creative to Keep My Sanity.
 I am loving these bottle caps. You can find the directions at Whatever.

If I can get my hands on an unfinished shutter I am so going to 
make one of these for my dining room. 
came up with this awesome idea. Stop by her blog and check it out.

How many day's do we have left until Christmas?? 
Not enough to get all of the crafting in that I need to. I think I am going to
start Christmas crafting in like July next year. 
Btw I just wanted all of you to know I did not steal all of these ideas from Pinterest. I know you are thinking it, shame, shame. I did however add the links to my Pinterest boards, so if you want to pin them for yourself you can find them there.

I wish you all Happy Holiday's
(and hope you avoid all the winter sickness going on, I am however not so lucky)


  1. Aw man! I just got rid of a set of shutters I'd been hanging on to for ages!

  2. Emily- That sucks. I have been on the hunt for some myself and have not found any yet. I was thinking Home Depot would have some but they only carry plastic shutters.

  3. Aww thanks for featuring me! Love what you're doing on your blog! I'll be back to visit! Happy Christmas.x

  4. Great gift containers! Any of these would be fun for all year. I love the shutters, too. Hope you had a great Christmas!!

  5. Thanks so much for featuring my candy cane soap! Let me know if you'd like to be featured as a guest poster on Gluesticks this holiday season with your homemade gift ideas! I'm jealous that you have finished making yours already!


  6. Thanks so much for including my crafts- it's a few years since I created them! Love reading about your camera experimenting too. A decent camera is on my wish list from Santa �� x


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