Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween {Bat Plates} !!

I saw these on..... wait for it....... Pinterest. 
I'm sorta addicted these days, and I'm not the only one.
So here is my version of Better Homes and Gardens {bat plates}. 

Clear plates, 2 per bat 
(I got mine at Zurchers, I also purchased extra plates so that I could use my 
{bat plates} again without trying to find matching plates in the future.)

Black paper for wings 
(I got this super sparkly paper from Joann's, for a good price too!)

An assortment of card stock for body, eyes and mouth

Black stamping ink

 Tape/glue dots
Print 3 bat face patterns and 1 bat wing pattern
(You do have to sign into BHG before you can download the pattern)

 When you print out the pattern from BHG print out 3 bat bodies so that you can cut out the mouth on one, the eyes on another and the body shape from the last. Heads up, on mine I reshaped the bat so that both of their ears were the same. BHG's just seamed a little off, so it's up to you if you want to reshape or not.
For mine I did not bother cutting out the eyes, I just played around with my Cricut to make all of the layers for the eyes. I ended up using a variety of sizes and shapes. If you have a Cricut just play around a bit. If not you can always follow the pattern. 
I did however use the pattern for the mouth and fangs.
Rub the ink pad around the edges of all the layers of the eyes and mouth. Make sure to do the bats body too. I used glue dots to put all the layers of eyes on my bat, just make sure to NOT use pop up glue dots. Just a side not: I made every one of my plates with different patterns and paper, I even place the mouths going the opposite direction on a couple of them.

 Cut out the wing pattern, make sure to cut out one wing with the pattern right side up and then flip it over and cut out a reverse wing so that you have a wing for each side of the plate. I don't really think you are dumb I just want to be super clear on all the details.

After your wings are cut out and your bats are assembled grab your clear plates. Tape the bat wings directly to the plate and shape them to the bends in the plate. Next set your bat on the plate, I did not tape my bat to the plate because they stayed in the bottom nicely. You can always tape them if you want, whatever works.
  Next place another clear plate over your bat and tadaah you have a very cute {bat plate}. After you eat on them you can just throw away the top plate and replace it with a new one then you will be able to use them again.
On the BHG directions they put brads all around the plate so that everything would stay together. I wanted to be able to use them again so I chose not to do this step. If you are a one time kinda gal then brad away!

 Here are all of my different bats!! 

I made 6 total for my family.
I am thinking of having a fun Halloween dinner and serve festive food's. 
Maybe I will make it a new family tradition, Halloween Dinner.
I will have to share another idea with you soon that I picked up from a friend. She did a spooky dinner for her family were she made up menu's with funky items for instance: if someone orders worms you would serve them spaghetti or if they order a devils pitch fork they would get a fork. It's kinda fun. I will have to dig out my old menu and do a post on it.

And now for my inspiration....

Check out some of my other Halloween projects.


  1. This is sooo stinkin adroable.. love all the super fun colors and patterns you chose! thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party.. can't wait to see what you share next! Hope you stop by and enter for a chance to win up to $100 in mdf craft goodies @

  2. This are so adorable!! And I love the banner !!

  3. I love what you are sharing here, so I wanted to pass the "liebster Award" on to you , here is the link to it

  4. Oh my goodness! I haven't seen these yet!! They are too, too cute! So glad you linked up to the Tuesday To Do Party!

  5. So stinking CUTE!!! What a great idea- love them!! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!

  6. I just found your blog through Pinterest, for your homemade soaps! Love the bat plates!

  7. These are really cute! I shared this with our members at Cafemom Holiday and Party Crafts. Come and join us if you will!


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