Monday, January 31, 2011

Fabric Flower Tutorial

Fabric flowers are really fun and easy to make. They make great head bands or cute accessories to any of your projects.

Start out by choosing your favorite fabric and cutting it into 2 inch strips. To make a small 2 inch flower you need a strip or several strips that add up to be about 3 feet.

You need a base to make your flower on, I used felt for this flower but you can also use heavy card stock. Cut whatever you decide to use into a circle that is the size you want your finished flower to be. For mine I used a 2 inch felt circle.

When I am using felt I like to use hot glue for my adhesive and tacky glue when I am using card stock.

Next fold your fabric in half so that the pattern is showing on both sides and then tie the end of your fabric into a knot. Glue it to the center of your circle.

Start twisting your fabric, if you do not want any fray to show make sure as you are twisting that you tuck them in. I like a little frayed look so I let them do whatever they want. Once your fabric is twisted start gluing and wrapping it around your knot. Put the glue directly on the felt and then press the fabric to it.

Keep wrapping the fabric around until it is the size you would like it to be. If you decide you want the flower to be a little smaller than your felt circle you can trim off the excess felt.

Once the flower is the size you want it to be take the tale, tuck and glue it under the flower.

Voila!! Now you have a fabric flower. For different variations you can twist your fabric more loosely or even tighter. You can also use wider fabric strips.

I chose to make an accessory for a jar I have in my scrapbook room by adding ribbon and a gem to the center of the flower and then attaching it to my jar. This would have made a super cute head band too!

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  1. Love your stuff, super cute and creative! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  2. I've always wondered how people do that! Thanks for showing me.


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