Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wall Clip Holder

This turned out way better than I thought it would. It looks really cute in my girls room. I took a piece of plywood and covered it with fabric and stapled the fabric to the back side. Then I cut my chicken wire to be big enough to wrap around to the back. I spray painted my chicken wire with a metal spray paint (which I don't recommend because it is not holding up). Then I wrapped the chicken wire around the fabric and stapled it to the back. Last I wound a ribbon in and out of the chicken wire on the top and around the back where I knotted it a couple of time around several places (that will be the point with all the stress on it). Then I hung it on the wall on a hook. Sorry I don't have pictures all through the proses. I am still getting a hang of this blogging business.


  1. i love the wall clip holders, when i have a girl i totally want to make one of these for her!!!

    thank you so much for sharing!!
    i love your blog:)
    so many cute things

    who did your blog design??



  2. Thanks Ashley for the comment. My blog design is by shabbyblogs.com. You totally need a girl, they are way more fun to create for, I am sure boys are great too but girls are girly and frilly and fun to dress. Thanks for checking my blog out.


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