Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dresser Refinish

I have been wanting to refinish a dresser for awhile now.  My sister gave this one to me since they were moving and did not have the space for it.

FREE, wahoo!!
6 hours later it looked like this, that was a ton of sanding. My arms felt like they were still vibrating, all night long. As you can see in the top photo it was a nice afternoon when I started, 
and in the bottom photo the sun had hit the road and was long gone.
I thought that it looked pretty this way with maybe a white wash to seal it. But oh no, I was going for something crazy and bold, PINK!! The dresser is going in my daughters room so what the heck pink it is.

After several layers of pink paint, some black glazing and 20 new drawer knobs I ended up with this! I cannot say that the pink is my favorite shade but it is growing on me. I purchased the zebra print knobs at Hobby Lobby. They have dozens of different and unique knobs there. 
 I figure when my girls grow out of pink I will put a couple of coats of black over it and keep it around, assuming it makes it that long with my very helpful little girls using it.

If you want more info on glazing go to my magnetic board post and there are more details on that.

              Is it too pink? Let me know what you think.

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