About Me

My title says it all, being creative to keep my sanity.
Being creative puts me in my happy place:)

  My life tends to get a little bit crazy sometimes. Who's isn't? I have three little girls who are very, very busy especially my 2 year old who: stuffed toilet paper in the sink drain and flooded the bathroom so that she could "wash her toes", shattered a jar of apple sauce on the kitchen floor, broke a dozen eggs also on the kitchen floor (she snuck out of her bed to do that one), broke a piggy bank in my room and spread money in a square mile, pooped in her sisters shoes, decided to play 72 card pick up x 12 decks so I guess that would be 864 card pick up and lets not forget the poker chips and that's just a few of the things she did last week. How long do the terrible 2's last??  I love NEED to get away by scrap booking, crafting, reading and cooking. Okay so maybe not so much cooking but you've got to eat, right? I hope you enjoy my blog and thanks for giving me that outlet that I so desperately need.

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