Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Birthday Present Decor

I made these cute presents and I am so excited to show them off but our next birthday in the family is not until the end of December, dang it. I picked up the unfinished wooden blocks at The Wood Connection in SLC. The have all these presents already cut out and ready to paint. I wish I would have taken a picture of them before I started painting and embellishing. They are sold individually for a couple of dollars each. I had a very hard time in their store because I wanted EVERYTHING. I also picked up the word wicked for Halloween, I will post pictures once its done. Read on to see the steps I took to make them.

I started out by sanding my wood a little, they don't need much. Then I  painted them with a paint that coordinated with the paper I chose. After letting it dry I used modge podge to add a thin layer to the area that the paper will be covering. I used a brayer to roll it out nice and flat, make sure to press down the edges really well. I sanded the edges of my blocks after I glued the paper down which made all my edges turn white. You can also use shadow ink to distress your edges. Next I added modge podge to the areas that I wanted glittered, sprinkle or press glitter on. You can use a spray sealer to help the glitter stay put. Embellish with wire and ribbon and your done, super cute!

 Large Present

 Medium Present

 Small Present

I guess this is good bye until December cute little wooden presents.

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